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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can the program attempt so many logins when there is a maximum of 5 every hour?
A: This cracker uses a proxy list pulled from the google web mail servers. The proxies being used are balance and direct traffic through the google mail servers. Google web mail has roughly 50,000 proxies to balance bandwidth across the server clusters. With 5 attempts per proxy the program can try 250,000 passwords per hour or 70 passwords per second. You can read more about proxies here.
Q: How do I know I can trust this program?
A: If your unsure about the legitimacy of thjs program then feel free to virus scan the program before use. You can get a great free virus scanner here. If you are still unsure get someone with a good knowledge of computers to check the program out.
Q: Can Neopets detect my use of this program and is my account at risk in any way because of it?
A: Because of the way proxies work (refer to above link for more details) your computers ip address (the equivalent of a phone number) is actually hidden from neopets and in its place is the address of the proxy which is of course one of many google web mail addresses. Because of this there is no way neopets can link the login attempts to you in any way. The program also rotates proxies every login attempt so the logins will be spread out from "many computers" and it will not even look like a password cracking attempt.
Q: What mode should I use the program on and what accounts should I look at cracking mostly.
A: The mode you use the program in will vary depending on how good/bad your target account is for high end accounts you will probably need to use a bruteforce attack (refer to above) where as with lower level accounts a dictionary or hybrid attack should be sufficent. There are really no limits in picking target accounts however as aforementioned dont expect to get 100+ accounts every time and dont bother with over the top secure accounts like "featheralley" or "hrobi" to name a few.
Q: What is your motive for sharing this cracking program with everyone?
A:Well its because I had my account sto.... ok really i enjoy annoying the hell out of big name companies like MTV =P

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